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Marilyn Moser is a Maverick in the Women's Leadership Arena!  She's a Wife & Mother and Lives her passion of Empowering Women!  She enjoys Mentoring and Coaching her Team & Business Colleugues Challenging them to become their Best Self!!  She has 30 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry from Radiology & Mammography Healthcare Sciences to a Former Fitness Instructor who believes in the proactive approach to wellness! She cherishes her family and loves Traveling the world to Live A Life On Purpose!!  She's a Top Leader in a Global Nutrigenomics Company and Enjoys Training Teams to Maximize their Earning Potential as they Grow their Influence!  Marilyn is Excited to be writing her first Book on Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment and will give her Success Tips on Becoming an Authentic Entrepreneur!!!

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Marilyn Moser

I feel in incredibly blessed and honored to achieve the rank of Pro 7, with the efforts of my amazing team! Lifevantage has offered me so many wonderful blessings and the opportunity to experience personal growth on a whole new level!  The wonderful friendships that I've made during my Lifevantage journey have enriched my life in countless ways!  Three years ago I was introduced to this amazing opportunity with no idea how much I truly needed this business!  I was facing the "empty nest" and maxed out in my career as a full time Radiologic Technologist and Mammography Coordinator!  Facing cutbacks in my salary at the Medical Center where I worked,  Lifevantage provided a vehicle to change my financially stagnant career and create an extra stream of income while working LifeVantage part time!  As a result, my husband was able to retire from his Plumbing Business and enjoy his Farming & Ranching full-time!  It's time to create the Life you were designed to Live!  With the help of LifeVantage, we are living with a new purpose and building a Legacy for our family to enjoy for years to come! I'm forever grateful that LifeVantage was put in my path!  Let's pay it forward and share this opportunity with everyone!  

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